Watch Apple's 'New Companion' iPhone

Not iWatch or iTime, simply 'Watch' for Apple Watch. After waiting about two years since the rumor circulated, this is Apple's premier watches.

Sharing the stage with two iPhone 6, some invitations that come mention Apple Watch this amazing but also boring for the same time.

As perceived by Verge and quoted on Wednesday (09/10/2014), Apple iPhone Watch is designed as a companion. So, of course, absolute Bluetooth connection is turned on as a 'bridge'.

Watch Apple Apple will present this in two different sizes, 1.5 inch and 1.65 inch, but with a choice of colors and styles are very diverse. So that it can be adjusted to the wearer.

Its main function is the presence of the sensor in this device that makes it can help monitor the activities of users of Apple Watch. Very suitable for use as a 'bracelet' health as well.

Not only so, the software in Apple Watch also interesting, but far from expectations. There is a UI called Face Touch, where users can change the look of the future as needed.

Not only champion mutually wallpapers, Apple Watch function also varied, ranging from the notification center, read and reply to SMS and email, see social media activity, a viewfinder for the camera, music player, photo applications, and integration with Siri.

On the one hand this is very helpful the use of the iPhone, but on the other hand boring because several competitors in this segment of wearable device already has a function is not much different.

The difference is in the upper right button. Not just as a sweetener, but also for the home button like on the iPhone or iPad.

Although not embedded Near Field Communication (NFC), the user can make purchases through NFC technology including premises equipment in a variety of retailers, from McDonalds to Whole Foods.

Watch Apple will stand with eksosistemnya own. Watch Because Apple announced the SDK for developers who want of integrating the application with the smart watches.

Watch Apple will be coming to the store shelves in 2015 and sold starting from USD 349 or about USD 4 million. Keen to use it?