Toothache Pose Being trends Style "Selfie" Top in Japan

How is your current style selfie? If it still emphasizes the pose "peace" and "duck face", it means you are outdated. Therefore, the current pose selfie was becoming a trend in Japan is pose toothache, or also called cavity poses.

Styles such as the position of the chin on one hand, is not a new phenomenon. For you are great in the 80s, this style is almost implemented by a variety of photos of fashion in the world. You just need to put one hand to his cheek and expression as sad as bear the pain in the teeth.

Trend since the outbreak poses cavity Nylon fashion magazine in Japan featuring one of the models demonstrates this style on the front cover. According to one of the blog in Japan, Kotaku, this poses first appeared on Twitter last year, and explicitly states that this is the pose cavities.

Over time, similar to the pose that is claimed is holding a toothache is used by most of the lifestyle magazine in Japan.

One Twitter user from Japan, Okoge, had chirped, "Does everyone have cavities (Does everyone have cavities)?". Chirp is accompanied by some magazine cover photo is diretweet more than 35,000 times.

In its development, this style is not only popular on the cover of a magazine, but has become the latest trend among Japanese women, and has been brisk timeline Twitter and Instagram.

The Japanese themselves call cavity poses with the term mushiba no poozu or mushiba poozu. Not a few who call mushiba poozu ga itai (cavities poses), mushiba mitaina poozu (looks like had cavities) or mushiba ni natta poozu (I had cavities).

According to a number of Japanese citizens, this pose is considered to conjure the face look more sweet, thin, and small. So, for those of you who want to look cute, immediately capture selfie with toothache pose like Japanese women.

Good luck!