Who is the Most Clever , iPhone users , Samsung or BlackBerry ?

Detik - Who is the most intelligent , mobile users iPhone , Samsung , Nokia or BlackBerry ? Yes , an online test in the UK trying to measure a person's intelligence level of brand mobile phone he uses .
Quoted from the Daily Mail , Thursday ( 02/01/2014 ) , the test held Ladbrokes gambling website consists of seven questions and tested on mobile phone users , with the first recorded brand of cell phone.

The question as how many months have 28 days ? There is also the question of how many 9s are there between the numbers 1 to 100 ? It is fairly easy matter raised , but that is the level measured speed in answering questions . 

As a result, the average iPhone user successfully completed all the questions in the fastest time , which is 94 seconds so it is considered the smartest . The second order Google Nexus held mobile phone users with a time 99 seconds . 

Consecutive user then is Samsung with 103 seconds , 105 seconds with HTC , Nokia to 109 seconds and the last time BlackBerry users stood at 118 seconds .

However, it should be noted that many of the tests that assess only the fun . Therefore , a person's level of intelligence can not be measured only by the ownership of a particular brand of mobile phone .