3D Printer Successfully Create 'Baby'

Okezone - printer technology three-dimensional ( 3D ) that can print objects with different shapes finally managed to create a human baby . But baby doll is only a human being who does not live and do not have lives .

Company called 3D Babies offers for expectant mothers who wanted to see his son who was still in the womb in a replica . Babies using 3D ultrasound scanner to scan the baby 's face in the stomach and then printed using a 3D printer . Scanner technology unborn baby 's face is similar to the four -dimensional ultrasound in medicine existing content . 
The Company provides two option positions that babies still in the womb and a choice of three colors, namely white , brown , and black . Skin color is made ​​as closely as possible with most of the baby's skin . While size is made ​​of three options ranging from the smallest 2 inches , which was 4 inches , and the size of the original baby . 
Baby human sized replica as the original priced at $600 . While the least expensive , measures 2 inches , valued at USD200 . " Our main goal is to bring smiles on the faces of the parents, grandparents , and other family members who can remind them of the birth of the first child , " explained 3D Babies as quoted Dailymail , Monday ( 01/20/2014 ) . 
Currently 3D Babies also offers to print baby replica of Hollywood actress Kim Kadarshian partner and Kanye West named North West . Kanye West's baby replicas are priced USD250 .