Earthquake Victims Aceh Increase so 35 People

A lifeguard help to drive down a child to the quake victims 6.2 on the richter scale off the plane at banda aceh, wednesday ( 3 / 7 / 2013 ). Afp photo / chaideer mahyuddin - 6.2 magnitude earthquake victims in Banda Aceh increased. National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) release, the number of casualties recorded 35 people dead, 8 missing, 275 injured, 4,292 houses were damaged, and 83 buildings damaged public facilities.

The death of 35 people, 9 of them in Bener Meriah and 26 people in Central Aceh. Previously reported, the total death toll from the earthquake of 30 people.

Head of Data, Information, and Public Relations BNPB DR Sutopo Purwo Nugroho through a press release received, Friday (07/05/2013), explains, based on a coordination meeting at the Post Bener Meriah led BNPB Syamsul Maarif on Thursday (4 / 7/2013) evening, reported by Bener Meriah Regents that there are 3 people in Central Aceh residents who died during the earthquake in Bener Meriah. Previously reported 12 people died in Bener Meriah.

Thus, the victim died of Bener Meriah to 9 were identified. Injured 109 people and 43 of whom were treated at hospitals Agora Kute, 50 people in the health center Pante Raya, and 16 people in the health center Lampaha. A total of 789 homes were damaged, consists of a 537-unit homes were damaged heavily, and 252 houses were slightly damaged.

While in Central Aceh, further Sutopo, there were 26 people died and 8 people missing. On Thursday (04/07/2013) at 17:00 pm, and residents combined SAR team found the four victims were children buried by landslides in the village Bah, District Ketol, Central Aceh district. The avalanche victim search using heavy equipment.

Victims were found dead is Isahdan (9), Zainuddin (12), Riski (9), and Rian (9). According to residents, when the earthquake there were 8 children who ran under the mountains, as much as 4 survivors and 4 buried by landslides.

Sutopo added, in Central Aceh injured as many as 166 people. A total of 114 people hospitalized and 52 outpatients. Meanwhile, damage to house as many as 3,503 units consisting of 1,368 homes were severely damaged and 2,135 lightly damaged unit.