Java Rockinland 2013 will Published Worldwide

( JAKARTA - Java Festival Production Director, Dewi Mutually, said preparations Java Rockinland 2013 (JRL) has reached 98 percent. Saturday (22/6) JRL 2013 to enter the first day.

He said that, of the seven stage shown, each stage will be presenting three to four performances. In total, each day there will be 28 times the performance. Additionally, JRL 2013 will also broadcast live via YouTube

"We are very active in the same connected digital media, participatory media already live streming on YouTube," Dewi said during a press conference at Hotel Borobudur, Central Jakarta, Friday (06/21/2013).

Dewi added, it will also update the JRL 2013 through the social networking site Twitter that the show can be seen throughout the world.

"If you can see the tweet in screening, and on Youtube, we automatically sort, can be seen all over the world, not for visitors but also for the opportunity to come indirectly baseball, it's different," he said.

This step he traveled so foreign and local artists can also be seen by the world by utilizing the Internet.

"We want to show that we can work on international events, shows can be global," he said.