The Galaxy S IV's options can win the day

 As we tend to in. inexorably nearer to March fourteen, once Samsung hopes we’ve all been preparing “4” consequent Galaxy, the leaks square measure getting down to acquire the pace. We’ve been thirstily awaiting the Galaxy S IV for some months currently, and currently that we’re finally simply 10 days away, things square measure getting down to heat up. Here shortly we should always be able to paint a fairly clear image of our expectations for what Samsung goes to announce, notwithstanding that will mean we tend to is also upset by the lofty device we tend to all style in our heads.

And that’s about to happen to some individuals out there. It’s ineluctable. Someone, somewhere, goes to mention that the Galaxy S IV isn’t that nice. It’s a “letdown,” even. It might even be somebody UN agency presently owns a Galaxy S III, in fact. But, for the foremost half, I absolutely expect consequent Galaxy S device to blow the socks off the general public. They’ll in all probability have another winner on their hands.

Samsung’s dominance within the mechanical man market can continue. The gears keep turning.

Not too previously, I wrote a chunk on why code is getting down to interest Pine Tree State lots quite hardware. I seen that i believe Samsung should take the chance to focus additional on the options they implant inside the Galaxy S IV, instead of focus an excessive amount of on the hardware. We’ve all talked at length however the hardware facet of things is getting down to upland, if it already hasn’t already. That’s why code must speak louder than ever. It must sell the show, all on its own, and simply be power-assisted in key areas.

In the later hours of Monday, a leaked image showcased what the Galaxy S IV may seem like. The device is positioned before of the preceding devices, all the approach back to the first Galaxy S. We’re shown a pleasant evolution of size, overall style aesthetic, Associate in Nursingd an organic process look of Samsung’s proprietary code. It’s a telling image. It shows the phone obtaining larger, additional refined, and one thing avowedly price observing.

And, therefore, price victimization.

Earlier Monday, a report from The the big apple Times prompt that one new issue Samsung might unveil with the Galaxy S IV is termed “eye scrolling practicality.” It will specifically what it seems like it will, if the rumors square measure true. You won’t have to be compelled to bit the screen to scroll down a page. The phone can track your eyes, and can scroll in time period to wherever your eyes square measure. Sure, initially look (see what I did there?) it seems like one thing straight out of a phantasy story, however this can be honestly right up Samsung’s alley.

If you’ll recall, one amongst the additional noteworthy code options on the Galaxy S III was the good keep practicality. As long as you had the feature turned on, the phone’s show would keep bright whereas you were observing it. once I had the Galaxy S III i attempted it out, and it worked okay for the foremost half. i do know those that am fond of it, though.

On prime of that, with the S Pen and therefore the Galaxy Note II, you don’t have to be compelled to bit the screen to scroll through lists or pages. simply place the S Pen close to rock bottom or prime of the screen, and it'll scroll. thus this eye trailing practicality is true up Samsung’s alley. It looks like it’s a natural organic process step from one device to its successor.

And that is why Samsung goes to win. they're about to win as a result of they’re about to throw options into this phone that build the user expertise worthy. And not simply because they’re about to have some tweaks to TouchWiz to form it look slightly completely different, even simply esthetically, however by providing new ways in which to use the phone itself. No got to bit the screen to scroll? That’s impressive.

That, on the far side a shadow of a doubt, may be a feature you sing their own praises to your friends. To everyone! At a restaurant? certain, the server would fully like to see all the cool belongings you will do along with your spanking new phone. What? you'll be able to scroll while not touching the screen? That’s awesome!

How much is it again?

And that’s however you have got Associate in Nursing owner sell a phone. simply showing off the cool options. Yes, hardware counts for one thing right at the beginning, however i believe if the Galaxy Note II has shown USA something, options will convince hardware. (I have individuals tell Pine Tree State the show is simply too massive. I show them the S Pen and its practicality, and that they suddenly wish to use a phone thereupon massive of a show.)

Samsung’s about to surprise lots of individuals with their code options, I think. As our own Chase Bonar place it, they have to possess a definite feature. I consider that, and that i suppose Samsung is cognizant of this truth. i believe that’s why they’re about to place quite one in there. i believe they’re about to try to wow USA in a very massive approach.

More options that give a replacement, or distinctive approach for the owner to use their phone may be a excellent thanks to do this.

Do you suppose a feature like “eye scrolling functionality” can sell Galaxy S IVs? Or is it simply a gimmick? once may be a gimmick a true feature, or vice versa? Would you get a Galaxy S IV for the correct worth and with options like that? Let Pine Tree State know!