10 Musicians Nude In Video Clips

Anything done by musicians in order to provide exciting entertainment to the audience. They reached willing naked in her music videos. They show the personal side that looks beautiful in the eyes of art.

It would not be a problem if the country is considered an art. While in Indonesia, it seems impossible to do, except for private collections.

Here, a 10-name musicians naked in her music videos:

1.Taylor Momsen

Through his latest video, "Under The Water", the Pretty Reckless singer is showing off her beautiful curves. Although the video has not been released officially, Momsen has released a teaser video which lasted 1.15 minutes.

2. Robbie Williams

In 2005, the former Take That star was ever nude on video clip "Rock DJ". Here Robbie slowly releasing one by one outfit she was wearing, to just show her body alone.

3. Sigur Ros

In the video "Fjogur Piano", Sigur Ros mendapuk Shia LaBeouf and Denna Thomsen became his model. In some scenes, clearly visible Shia LaBeouf sexy body without any clothes lined.

4. Britney Spears

Britney Spears is one musician who likes to create a sensation. Boldly, she appeared nude in the video clip "Womanizer" in 2008.

5. Erykah Badu

In 2010, singer Erykah Badu made the controversy over the video "Window Seat". In the video featuring Erykah were stripped before being killed by someone.

6. Blink 182

Punk rock band Blink 182 also could attract the attention of the public through the video "What's My Age Again". Here, the members of Blink 182 as he ran around the street naked.

7. Alanis Morissette

Alanis Morrissette seems to have first single promoted by means bare, ie in 1998. Through the song "Thank You", Alanis walking in a crowd. She also appeared naked on the train. Some parts of his body covered only by her long hair loose, and there are some parts that are a blur. This video had been controversial.

8. Lady Gaga

Artist of this one was full of controversy. Gaga also appeared nude in the video "Telephone", which is a project collaboration with Beyonce.

9. Holly Valance

Australian singer called off by the single "Kiss Kiss" in 2002 was also briefly naked in the video clip of the song. Unfortunately, Holly is only known by the name of one single course.

10. Katy Perry

The latter is Katy Perry. Katy had posed nude in the video clip "California Gurls". Although a vital part of his body was covered in a pink cloud, but the video also had been controversial.