Tested Luxury cruise Hangang River basin Psy

Hangang River Ferry Cruise

In another part of the video, Psy want to show youth lifestyle Gangnam sailing with luxury sailboats. But in reality, he is using a swan boat on the river.

Filming location used for this section is Hangang River that flows through Seoul City. In this river is provided Hangang River Cruise Ferry facility. The facility is one of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of the scenery around Hangang River, especially at night. Near the Hangang River, there is a tall building that became landmarks of this city, which is 63 Buildings.

To capture an image when you are using a boat swan Psy performed in Hangang River. However, taking this picture, its location closer to the Mapo Bridge and Wonhyo. If you want to rent a swan boat like the one used in the video, you can rent it for 30 minutes. But remember, there's no motor to drive the boat, you need to pedal!