Outstanding player salaries Malaga

MALAGA - The problem of unpaid players wages were not the only place in the Liga Indonesia. In La Liga Spain, Malaga is also overdue salaries of the players.

Shocking news is revealed presidential Spanish Footballers Association (AFE) Luis Rubiales. Rubiales said 40 percent of the salaries of players Los Boquerones have not paid the original owners of Qatar Sheik Al-Thani.

In fact, Malaga will be competing next season in the Champions League. Not to mention, for Sheik Al-Thani is known to be quite generous in spending money to buy players.

Stadium-based club Rosaleda is acquired by a number of Qatar's royal family in 2010 and has been recruiting players like Martin Demichelis, Santi Cazorla, and Joaquin.

"On June 31, 35-40 per cent salary Malaga players still have not been paid. This is a significant amount of money, "said Rubiales to Eldesmarquemalaga, Tuesday (07/17/2012).

"The situation today is quite complicated and we can not avoid it. Malaga loyal fans want the club to overcome this problem immediately, "please Rubiales.

"This is not the owner of Qatar, Japan, Madrid, or Huelva. Owners of any applicable regulation, which I believe can diandalakan, given everything in football should be governed by the serious, "said Rubiales.