Involved allegations Scommessopoli, Conte, Bonucci & Pepe be tried

Turin - Juventus coach, Antonio Conte will face the demands of Italian football's alleged involvement in match-fixing in two games last season Siena.

Conte has been examined by the Italian Football Federation chief prosecutor earlier this month, after a claim is made that he was involved in plans to set up the match against Novara and Albinoleffe when Conte was so Siena coach.

Although Conte judged not participate in the regulation of those games, he should face charges that he was conscious and aware of the situation, but do not want to report it.

If convicted, Conte could be fined or suspended to take part in Italian football for a certain period. However, according to several sources in Italy, Conte received the punishment may not be too extreme.

This condition is not because the former Siena player, Stefano insisted Carobbio Conte defended by saying this 42-year-old coach is innocent and just know it.

FIGC (Italian his PSSI) has been investigating the possibility that many good matches in Serie A or Serie B rigged as part of fulfilling the desire bookies, relevant results.

Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci and midfielder Simone Pepe is also thought to be involved in this match-fixing. However, Bonucci still defend Bari and Udinese Pepe was costumed as allegedly involved in match-fixing.

Bonucci will face charges of cheating in the game, while Pepe had to prove his innocence, after also allegedly did not report any efforts to Bari-Udinese match-fixing, despite knowing it.

Bologna players, Daniele Portanova and Atalanta player Andrea Masiello, certainly involved in the scandal known as Scommessopoli and they could face a ban on doing business in the competition for long periods of time.

Clubs such as Lecce, Grosseto and Siena will also be on the list is punished with a reduced risk of their points in the face of the new season.

Meanwhile, the individuals involved are Scommessopoli also will receive a suspension following the football activities if they are proven guilty. Trial hearings set to begin on August 2, 2012.