Facebook & Twitter Make Women More Aggressive

LONDON - Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are called are able to change the way women talk. Claimed, how to talk to young girls look more rugged and more aggressive.

Reported by the Telegraph, Monday (02/07/2012), experts believe, the language used by young girls to be shorter, sharper, and more direct. So the result, when talking to each other or with adults, young girls talk more concise, straightforward, and even aggressive.

The language also adapted the young girl believed to be the result of faster communication on Facebook, Twitter, and email. Changes seen more in girls than boys, because they communicate more often.

Marie Clair of the Plain English Campaign told the Daily Mail that the emergence of the change was not intentional. Even so, he said, with the use of internet by children, meaning they have less time to choose your words carefully.

"The language of the younger people in general to be more directly compared with the parents and the business community, this is because the more familiar communications channels," said Clair.

"It was probably the cause they seem more aggressive and it was not intentional, though tend to be brief, sharp, and direct. But it is the line between a shorter or aggressive, and become more straightforward, "said Clair.