Agent: Sales Value Balotelli 250 Million Euro

Agent: Sales Value Balotelli 250 Million EuroMANCHESTER - Mario Balotelli agent, Mino Raiola, clients appreciate the fantastic amount, which amounted to 250 million euros. This is of potential value for blocking the clubs interested in signing Manchester City's players.

Raiola considers the performance of Arsenal during the Azzuri team performed together on the mat is very impressive Euro 2012. He also said his appearance was greatly expanded from the previous performance-performance Balotelli.

"I think he is qualified to be what is desired by the market. However, Balotelli is currently still under the auspices of the team that did not sell the player. For that, he has no sale value, "said Raiola, as reported by the Guardian, Sunday (01/07/2012).

"If I had to set the price, then I will give him the sale value of 250 million euros. I'm crazy? Go and ask the club about what price will be set for him, "he continued.

Raiola also said his client's opinion about it. He said the 21-year player could potentially be one of the best players in the world. Especially after the performance he showed during the European Cup this year.

Previously, Balotelli had disangkut pautkan will return to Italian club AC Milan and joining together. Then, the Italian international striker is also reportedly interested by the Spanish giants, Real Madrid.