"Reject Bids Juve, Van Persie"

LONDON - Robin van Persie was ogled by Juventus. However, the super agent Mino Raiola suggested to Van Persie to forget about the offer from the Turin club.

Currently, Van Persie was a bone of contention was the big European teams to bring it. Because the contract is unclear Van Persie at Arsenal. Two of the most passionate team is Juventus and Manchester City.

However, Raiola gave interesting suggestions for Arsenal striker's mainstay. "If Van Persie wanted to leave Arsenal for Juventus, he must do everything to make it happen. Van Persie should think about whether she really wanted to move to Italy, "Raiola said.

In essence, Raiola does not suggest Van Persie to Serie A because it considers the prestige of the league is down. "Balotelli could join the top club in Serie A if he really wanted. But, you have to wonder if this is the right moment, "he continued.

"In my view, the Italian league is getting worse. Italy should improve the infrastructure and all of them since 10 years ago. I'm talking about the stadium, but also other facilities, "said Raiola.

"I'm not afraid to say Serie A is the third in the league right now. When I first became an agent, Italy is promising. Bargabung players with English clubs as a punishment, "he continued.

"Now, everything has changed. Players prefer to play in England, Spain and Germany than in Italy and it's true situation, "he said, quoted by Tribalfootball, Wednesday (27/06/2012).