Okezone.com : Production IPhone 5 to Reach 150 Thousand Units Per Day

CALIFORNIA - Production of the new iPhone was ongoing and its volume reached 150 thousand units per day, according to the latest news from an industry source.

As quoted from i4u, Friday (9/9/2011), a recent report from Taiwan says that Foxconn already running the iPhone production 5. Own Digitimes reports that Foxconn is already producing 150 thousand iPhones 5 per day.

5 own iPhone shipments expected to reach 5 to 6 million units for the month of September. In the fourth quarter production was expected to reach the iPhone 5 figure of 22 million units.

Regardless of the rumors that are circulating, if iPhone 5 has a new design? Will it look the same with the iPhone 4? Is going to have a 8 MP camera? Is going to have a much bigger screen? Whether to support CDMA and GSM?

IPhone prototype stolen 4 years ago, very unpleasant for leaking information prematurely. The same thing almost happened yesterday for the iPhone 5.