Okezone.com : Parliament of Catalunya Reward Medal Award for Guardiola

BARCELONA - Entrenador Barcelona, Josep Guardiola was rewarded with a medal by the Parliament of Cataluña, for his accomplishments and contributions to public Barcelona through football.

Won a dozen titles in the last three years, making it an individual who deserves thumbs four thumb by all Catalan citizens, having won everything with the club's favorite area of ​​Cataluña.

Bright face was shown Brescia's former courtier and he is now more confident to undergo season-next season, connect the success stories of Barcelona in Spain, Europe and the world.

"I was appointed to train Barca and this award from those who have appointed me, after this, I became more confident through my job," said Goal Guardiola was quoted as saying on Friday (09/09/2011).

"Everything went well, but took what we had won, made ​​me learn a lot from my players. I am grateful to the footballer who has been with me, also the coaches and players in a team with me, "he continued.

The original man Cataluña also revealed that he loves his job. His desire is never dry, will continue to guide Andres Iniesta et al to maintain their supremacy.

"I love what I do, I have the desire to do it and I love him. Valero Rivera once said: "Barcelona is making us all look good 'and it is something that continues to follow me and made ​​me realize how special I am," concluded Al Ahli's former players.