Messi was the top scorer of all time La Liga

Lionel Messi scored in the 20th minute into the opening goal feast Barcelona over Sevilla at the Camp Nou on Sunday (23/11), as well as the start of something beautiful.

Messi scored a goal through the execution of a free kick that was his goal to 251 in La Liga, while equaling the achievement Telmo Zarra.

After two goals each and Rakitic scored by Neymar, Messi again proved his quality by scoring a second goal in the game, or to 252 in his career grazing in La Liga.

When everyone thinks Messi has been satisfied, he scored another goal to make the grain of the total tally to 253, as well as record a hat trick.

It's a beautiful night for Messi, helping his team to victory, scoring a hat trick, and break the all-time record for goals La Liga.