Beyonce release '7/11' Music Video thrilled fans with surprise

The pop superstar surprised her fans by releasing a new music video for “7/11” on Friday night. The video instantly lit up social media with its low-budget production style and high energy dance moves.

Beyoncé famously released glossy, expensive-looking videos for each track on her self-titled fifth album, but with “7/11,” she goes the opposite route.

The video has a handmade, lo-fi quality as Beyoncé, occasionally by joined her dancers, alternately goofs off and shows off some killer moves. Blue Ivy is spotted briefly in the clip as her mom bounces on a bed, and a man, who many fans speculate is Jay Z, is seen doing a somersault.

But the highlight of the clip is when Queen Bey mimes an angry phone call using her foot.

Filmed in a variety of locations, including a hotel balcony, a hallway and even a bathroom, the clip already more than 2.8 million views to date.

The release of the video follows the leak of “7/11” and “Ring Off” earlier in the week. Both tracks are featured on the Beyonce Platinum Box Set, due out Monday.

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