Samsung Test Smartphone with Display 3 Sides

Rumors sprung up before the emergence of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. display reportedly has tested the three sides. This unique type of display that is touted to be used for the Galaxy Note 4.

ZDNet Korea, Friday (08/08/2014), citing a source from one of the suppliers to inform Samsung Samsung is already testing it. But so far, the revolutionary screen is still a prototype.

That is, the possibility will not be buried in the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 quite large. Galaxy Note 4 is scheduled to be introduced in September at an event in Berlin, Germany.

Display 3 sides it may not appear on this year. But clearly, Samsung is doing that. South Korean company that has repeatedly demonstrating various types of displays for smartphones gelara Consumer Electronic Show and the Mobile World Congress in recent years.

Flexible screen with three sides, even that can be rolled up, has been to show off at various technology conferences. But again, everything is still a prototype.

The most impressive handsets with different screen types so far as possible the Galaxy Round. The appearance of a curved screen on this Samsung smartphone was a main topic.

It was eventually released as the Galaxy Round Yanga handset testing, so it is only available in South Korea. Samsung itself does not disclose details about the customer feedback regarding the unique products.