Robin William dead, allegedly committed suicide

Washington, news wrap grief after Hollywood veteran actor Robin Williams was found dead. 63-year-old man, as reported by Time, was found on Tuesday (12/8) morning local time at his home in California. Alleged cop while, Robin William died by suicide.

Robin William dead
Robin William dead
This is a great loss for the United States film industry. Williams is one of the best actors of Hollywood was born. Whom he starred in famous movies such as Popeye, Dead Poets Society, Aladdin, Jumanji, Hook, and Bicentennial Man.

The man who is also known as the comedian never won an Academy Award through his acting in the film Good Will Hunting in 1997.

In 2006, Williams never went home because of alcohol addiction. At the beginning of his career that brought his name to the top of fame in the comedy series, Mork and Mindy in the years 1978-1982, Williams never struggled with addiction to drugs. "Cocaine became my refuge," he told People in 1988.

Robin Williams stopped use of cocaine and alcohol in 1982 after his first wife, Valerie, pregnant with their child, Zachary, now 31 years old. Be a candidate for the death of his father and then his fellow comedian, John Belushi as a result of a drug overdose made ​​him aware of the dangers of addiction.

Photo with his daughter when she was little, Zelda Rae Williams at the time of her daughter's birthday is the 25th last photo was uploaded by an account instagramnya Robin on 31 July 2014.