Release 9 September, This iPhone 6 is actually Greatness?

The emergence of the iPhone 6 rumors more widely heard. Page Yahoo tried to make speculations regarding this handset through a video.

Reported earlier, the iPhone 6 will come up with two designs namely dan`5,5 inch 4.7-inch models. The handset looks more slender and has a thin bezel. The phone is expected to be compatible with the latest WiFi features a faster, ie 802.11ac.

iPhone has a display density better than previous handsets. Moreover, this gadget also use scratch resistant sapphire glass.

Not only that, this phone also has the dklaim longer battery life. Battery resistance is estimated to have a capacity of up to 15 percent better than its predecessor iPhone 5s better. Improvements in software and operating systems, contributing to an increase in the lifetime of the battery.

No doubt, the iPhone has become more rapid increase in processor. Technology A8 64-bit processor with 2 GB of RAM (speculation) make this handset more powerful as rumored Yahoo, Friday (08/08/2014).

Re / code and The Wall Street Journal said Apple will debut to introduce the iPhone 6 on September 9. However, some sources said, the emergence of the smart phone will be delayed due to supply chain issues. So the presence of Apple's handset will resign in October.