Defeat Ronaldo and Bolt, LeBron Best Athlete with a Physical Condition

Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James was selected as the athlete with the best physical condition in the world. He beat Cristiano Ronaldo and After Bolt, who finished second and third.

Sports Illustrated is a magazine that compiles a list of the most fit athletes in the world. The categories used to measure the physical condition of athletes fitness level is the velocity (speed), strength (strength), agility (agility) and endurance (endurance).

In the assessment LeBron scored a perfect 10 on all four categories, which makes a total of 40 scored So reported the Daily Mail.

While Ronaldo is in second place with a total points collected amounted to 38.5. CR7 can score 10 on speed, agility and endurance. The only category in which Ronaldo can not be a value of 10 is the part where he can force the value of 8.5.

Meanwhile, Bolt sat in the top three on this list (36.5). Fastest man in the world it can be a value of 10 in the speed category, the value of 9 in endurance and strength and dexterity in point 8.5.

Another athlete who also entered the list is boxer Floyd Mayweather. Collecting a total of 36 points, 10 in the Mayweather may value agility category. Endurance and speed can be a value of nine, while its power is worth eight.