List 10 of fastest Smartphone

AnTuTu benchmark app is one of the most recognized mobile and widely used to measure the performance of the gadget.

Well, lately AnTuTu benchmark makers released a list of 10 fastest smartphone of global data performance charts that go in the second quarter in 2014 between April to June.

A total of more than 10 million AnTuTu benchmark score data were released in this period, from about 155 countries.

AnTuTu apply a number of criteria in compiling the list reported by Phone Arena, among others, a smartphone models must have at least a 200 score data.

If the device in question has several versions with different hardware (eg Galaxy Note 3), then the version referenced are the highest scores.

A number of the device name that is known to have performance mempuni on the list, such as models from Samsung and HTC.

But there are also a number of "new players" such as One Plus One and Oppo. More can be seen in the picture below.