In addition to the iPhone 6, which will be released Apple?

Apple will hold an event in September 2014, the Cupertino-based company will reportedly invited a number of journalists, in the second or third week of September 2014 in the show's main star is reportedly 8 and iPhone iOS 6.

But reportedly, a month after the event, Apple will hold another event. In that event, Apple will reportedly release a number of new products. That MacBook Air 12-inch 4K and desktop products.

As reported by 9to5mac, Thursday (07/24/2014), both products will also be used as a sweetener in the presence of OS X Park, which reportedly will be released to the public in October 2014.

Subject MacBook Air 12 inch, the notebook will reportedly have a thinner body and lighter than its predecessor. It is not yet clear whether Apple will embed the name MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, or even they will give you a new name.

This issue is at odds with the news that appeared some time ago. When it is mentioned that the presence of 12-inch MacBook Air will be delayed until late 2014 to late cause is the presence of Intel Broadwell, a processor that was rumored to be used in notebook kroak the apple logo.

Apple is also rumored to be releasing a desktop that has a resolution of 4K, could be the last version of the iMac, or a monitor as a successor to the Apple Thunderbolt Display.

High-resolution screen that will support a variety of user interface updates Apple made in OS X Yosemite. Can also be used as a monitor of the Mac Pro users, which also supports the use of 4K resolution screen.