Tips For iPhone Battery Longevity

Running out of battery is a scourge for all users of modern gadgets , not to mention the kind of iOS -based iPhone , iPod , and iPad .

Well , for the Apple device , there are several ways that can be taken to prolong battery life , or at least minimize unnecessary power usage .

Tips and tricks are summarized in a blog post by a former employee of Apple's Genius Bar named Scott Loveless .

As a " genius " , Loveless accustomed mengoprek and dealing with such a variety of iOS devices . Here are the explanations .

1 . Turn off Location Services and Background Refresh App for Facebook application

The first step of this sounds very specific and targeted one application . But indeed that is the root of the problem .

Loveless indulge that Facebook apps on iOS are often active in the screen behind and seized resource .
Once the Location Services and Background Refresh Facebook app is turned off , the battery life has increased . Detailed descriptions can be found at this link .

2 . Turn off Background App Refresh for less critical applications

Background Refresh app is a feature that allows the iOS 7 applications can obtain updated information without too consumes power devices .

However , not all applications need to be constantly up - to-date . In some cases - such as Facebook - lethal applications Background App Refresh for a particular application can save battery .

3 . Do not turn off apps when multitasking

Turning off applications running in iOS 7 is very easy to do . Simply open the display of multi - tasking by pressing the home button twice , then the relevant application window sweep upward.

Many users believe that shutting down the application in this way can save battery . Is this true ?

Apparently not . Loveless revealed that deadly routine application could even potentially wasting battery .

When an application is turned off , the data is removed from the corresponding program memory ( RAM ) . Well , when the application was then called again , the forced " re-dial " necessary data and store it in RAM . It requires processing system .

When this is done repeatedly, it will seize the power in question and ultimately wasting battery .

Moreover, continued Loveless , iOS will automatically close the application when it needs RAM space . So turn off the app manually to save RAM really is not necessary .

4 . Turn off push e - mail for a while

Push e - mail is a very useful feature for users who always corresponded through this medium . E -mails will be forwarded instantly to the device so that the user immediately known .

However , if the iOS users experienced something unusual wasteful batteries , push e - mail can be one of the " suspects " . Try changing the setting to " fetch" ( e - mail only updated within a certain time interval ) , for example, every 15 or 30 minutes . Who knows , become more efficient power usage .

5 . Annoying Turn off Push Notification

Frequently flooded notification of games that " ask " to be played back ? Each time a notification is sent , the device was forced to get up and turn on the screen for a few moments while waiting for input from the user .

Turning off push notification for some applications that do not need to just be a little to save the battery , but at least it can also reduce potential interference .

6 . Turn off the battery percentage indicator

This one may sound a bit silly , even counter-productive to efforts to conserve the battery . However , according to Loveless , the opposite could be the opposite .

If users are too concerned with battery and often enable the device to memperiksa percentage remaining , then the battery will also be eroded .

7 . Enable Airplane Mode when trouble signal

When a mobile device is not receiving a strong enough signal , the power supplied to the antenna can be enlarged to a maximum catch . It certainly would drain battery power .

It will still happen even if the device is connected to a WiFi network for cellular signal is still required for phone calls and SMS .

Well , if you are in an area with bad signal reception to the extent that can not be used to call , it's good to turn airplane mode that turns off the cellular signal reception . After all , if too lit useless .

WiFi can be re- lit after turning on Airplane Mode , simply by pressing the WiFi button in the Control Center . This could be useful in places inaccessible cellular signal but have WiFi access , such as in an airplane , for example .

Cellular data connection can also be turned off separately from the connection of voice and SMS , to be transferred to the WiFi .

Bar signal indicator on the iPhone only applies to non - reception of data , not a 3G/4G connection so that data reception may be unable to walk even though the indicator shows a fairly strong signal reception . If the mobile data service does not get enough signal , searching happens to be a waste of battery .