Victoria F(x) Not Want to Marry

Mas Aal - If you asked the majority of women, surely they dreamed would someday get married and become the most beautiful bride in the world. But it was not a dream once owned by Victoria f(x). Member girl group f(x) coming from China that was not planning to get married and build a new home with a man – a man who loves.

In a follow-up episode variety show ‘Amazing f(x)’, the members of f(x) are talking about their future plans related to the wedding. Victoria said that if he did not want to get married. Fear of childbirth is what makes Victoria seemed to not want to be a wife let alone a mother.

“I do not know (if I’ll get married). I do not think I could (get married). If I get married, I had to give birth. I was afraid of it because it is a painful process. “Said Victoria.

If the leader does not want to marry, is different again with Amber. Members are synonymous with style her tomboy it turned out to save the desire to get married 20 years. He had even planned how many children she wanted.

“Two children. I would like to have the first male child – boy and then a girl so young men – boys will be big brother to protect his sister. “Said Amber.

Hear it, Victoria later changed his view and would like to also be a mother. Still, he just wanted to give birth once in a lifetime.