Tiny Thief Is Ready To Follow The Success Of Angry Birds

Okezone - Rovio launched a new game called Tiny Thief. Finnish game company is also keen to follow the success of Angry Birds.

Tiny Thief was present shortly after the game Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage was released in late June. With the way the story is certainly different, this game still invites players to solve puzzles with a certain formula.

As quoted from MacRumors, Sunday (07/14/2013), game Tiny Thief tells the story of the little thief action against the backdrop of the past.

Much like Robin Hood, he stole, to fight injustice, greed, and so forth. He uses his ingenuity to defeat the enemies who chase him.

In each completed mission, the main character had to do a variety of things ranging from cutting down a giant lollipop, remove the bear from the cage and many others.

This game can already be downloaded on Android and iOS. With a file size of 49.1 MB for the iDevice, users have to spend Rp29 thousand.