Three Wheel Car of Elio Motors

Okezone - Elio Motors to design a commuter car with a unique three-wheel configuration. This car has two wheels in front and one rear wheel.

As reported by Dailymail, Monday (07/09/2013), the unique three-wheeled cars are the brainchild of car manufacturers based in Michigan, USA. The plan, will begin mass produced and sold next year.

Elio three-wheeled car was produced at the assembly plant once used by General Motors to produce the Hummer H3 in Louisiana. Elio Motors can only accommodate two passengers.

Chip Stempeck, Vice President of Marketing Elio Motors, said it will market this car in a way that is quite unique, namely by touring in Michigan City. Elio's for car enthusiasts, can perform initial deposits and deposits most likely will get this car when it went into production.

Armed with a petrol engine, the car is capable of Elio claims go as far as 1,081 miles if the fuel in the car is fully charged. Priced at equivalent of USD6.800 or Rp67, 6 million. Elio car will come with a choice of six colors: blue, black, red, green, silver, and creamsicle.