The Rise of Rossi Good for Motogp GP

Mas Aal - Performed impressively in the series opener, a Yamaha MotoGP rider, Valentino Rossi had decreased performance, before finally re-emerged in the last three series. Yamaha managing director Lin Jarvis said that the competitive return of The Doctor was greeted by all the MotoGP lovers.

Rossi is currently in a period of her comeback, after undergoing two disappointing years with Ducati, where he did not even win and only three times on the podium. However, after returning to the bosom of Yamaha, 34-year-old driver was re-discovered his passion, and winning the seventh series of the season 2013/14 in circuit Assen, Netherlands.

"It was great to see Valentino back with us this year. I think, for everyone in the MotoGP community, the fans, to see it return to competitive bike is a great thing. We all saw at the beginning of the season how he did it with a brilliant in Qatar, until finally reaching the position of the two, "said Jarvis, as reported, Tuesday (30/07/2013).

"Then, we were a little down. Valentino lose confidence when riding a motorcycle on a number of tracks, and he fought in the braking and corner entry, which normally is its main strength. Then, we did a test at Aragon, who became a key (revival) in which he believes himself back, "he continued.

Jarvis also said that Rossi really enjoyed the resurrection. "We see it rise. He won the race in Assen and victory-the first in two and a half years. It was unbelievable, and I remember the great reaction amongst the crowd (fans) in welcoming the victory. He returned competitive and enjoy it, and having fun, "added Jarvis.