President SBY Release Facebook and Youtube Account Tonight - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono will join the social networking site Facebook and video sharing site Youtube. President SBY will release his official account on this night.

"Its plan Mr. President will launch a Facebook Fan Page and his Youtube at Bogor Palace this evening," said Presidential Spokesman Julian Aldri Pasha, at the Bogor Palace, Friday (07/05/2013).

Julian said the launch of Facebook and Youtube accounts the President will be held at 20:00 pm at the Bogor Palace. Julian describes the Youtube account, will be filled with videos of the President documentation activities.

"In the next opportunity will be shown as well the use of information technology tools in social networks to assist the delivery of important matters relating to the activities of the President so that people can follow it directly via social media," he explained.

Previously, the President launched a Twitter account @SBYudhoyono on 13 April 2013 ago. Shortly after launch, the number one follower accounts in Indonesia's rapidly reached 1 million followers.