Phablet BlackBerry-Like Form Of The Z10

DetikNet - BlackBerry will soon enter the phablet segment (phone and tablet) for the first time or going through A10 series also known as Aristo. Well, a blog managed to get the exclusive photos of the BlackBerry phablet sightings.

As reported quoted from Boy Genius Report, Sunday (07/14/2013), there is a photo showing the form of the BlackBerry Aristo. At first glance, the photos taken from the bottom of the elongated, similar to the Z10.

Aristo about the news that will come with a bigger screen seems to be true. Because, from the photo that Aristo looks more elongated with an estimated size of 5 inches.

As is known, Aristo or A10 will reportedly be positioned as a powerful line of phones from BlackBerry 10 OS family line.

Another rumor also mentions that the specification will be paired with a BlackBerry A10 dual core processor and 2GB RAM.

The source also mentioned that it is still difficult to BlackBerry to immerse quad core processor because of battery life concerns and not optimizing software.