Optimus One Xperia Galaxy, Android Most Absurd

Mas Aal - What if the top Android smartphones of today combined into one? The result is an absurd smartphone called Xperia Optimus One Galaxy.

Yes, that's the nickname pinned on this one concept phone. Quoted from Softpedia, Tuesday (07/30/2013), it was designed by a designer named Bob Freking.

Both the design and specifications of LG Optimus is a composite G, HTC, Sony Xperia Z and Samsung Galaxy S4. Appearance looks quite interesting.

Overall design is similar to the Samsung smartphone. But at the top of the body there are speakers BoomSound ala HTC. While the aluminum alloy material and manufacture of glass, such as Optimus G.

Specification itself spelled 'monster' because it is an amalgamation of four premium Android phone. 5 inch wide screen is a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The kitchen runway rely octa-core Exynos processor as in the Galaxy S4 Octa. Sector 13-megapixel resolution camera with Ultrapixel technology in HTC One.

Xperia Optimus One Galaxy is also equipped with IP57 certification like Xperia Z, so that the water resistant to a certain depth and dustproof. Quite interesting is not it? However, as already mentioned, the handset is just the concept alone.