iPhone 5C, Cheap Smartphone Apple

Mas Aal - Apple is expected to release cheap iPhone and iPhone 5S in the near future. Current, a news package from one of the products that will be released revealed in the virtual universe. Information indicates that the low-cost smartphone with the name of the company releases iPhone 5C.

Quoted from Apple Insider, Monday (07/29/2013), a photo shows a package of cheap iPhone. If the photograph is genuine, then the smartphone will come with the iPhone name 5C.

This photo was circulated through a forum, WeiPhone. This site also reveals some pictures before the alleged new iPhone product. Leaked images menjukkan plastic packaging dozen suspected as part of a cheap iPhone. On the side of the box it says 'iPhone 5C'.

According to sources, the character 'C' refers to 'Color'. This seemed to confirm earlier news that Apple will release a cheap iPhone with various colors vvariasi. Then, the box is similar to the maturity of the iPod Touch with the same material.

That said, Apple will release a cheap iPhone with various colors, ie, Green, Yellow, Blue, Pink, and White. In addition, the handset uses a plastic material, then the processor is not too gahar, the ability of the standard camera, 3G connectivity and 8GB storage capacity.