Freedom Watch with Samsung SMART TV

Mas Aal - Often annoyed at having to scramble to watch TV programs with family members at home? Or not willing to move from the front of the TV because it does not want to miss your favorite shows, while having to do something else? What if there is a TV that offers the flexibility for you to enjoy your favorite shows and a variety of content at large?

Feel free to watch with maximum features "Convergence" in the Samsung SMART TV. Smart View feature allows you to watch one and even two different sources of content at the same time. No longer need to worry about missing your favorite broadcast on TV or TV scrambling together. You can still watch your favorite shows through Samsung smartphone or tablet while away from the TV.

And with two different content sources, you can watch a football game on TV, while the couple watched the drama of DVD in the tablet / smartphone Samsung.

Just connect the Samsung SMART TV with Samsung's tablet or smartphone you use Smart View, without the need for internet connection. Download Samsung Smart View application on your Samsung mobile device to enjoy this amenity.

You can also share content with other devices thanks to the Content Sharing. Content access photos, videos or music on Samsung mobile devices, such as smartphones and Galaxy Camera uses the default application that AllShare connected to wi-fi. You can also take advantage of Cloud Storage connection to access files stored in the Sugar Sync, Dropbox or Sky Drive, anywhere anytime. No more limitations of space and time.

Another unique feature is the Screen Mirroring. Want to show off pictures taken with Samsung GALAXY smartphones to the whole family or friends? Connect it to the Samsung SMART TV using Screen Mirroring. You can see the smartphone on a TV screen in real time.

With this feature, you can enjoy the same content on the mobile device and the TV. For example, you can display PowerPoint files stored on your smartphone / tablet Samsung for the larger screen of the Samsung SMART TV. If using the Samsung GALAXY Note 2 or the Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0, a sketch that you're you create can be viewed directly on the TV screen.

Likewise, if you want to play a game or browsing. More relieved to see the look of the game and the web on the TV screen, while the smartphone remains to be its controller. Screen Mirroring feature works on Samsung devices that have Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS.

So what are you waiting? Immediately switch to Samsung SMART TV to get the freedom to watch TV and enjoy content from a variety of mobile devices Samsung.

Samsung Smart TV, 2013, The Most Advanced TV Experience Ever