Found Two-Headed Turtle in the United States

Mas Aal - Turtle recently hatched in the city of San Antonio, United States. Other than normal, the reptiles had two heads with one shell.

According to The Guardian, Monday (07/29/2013), a two-headed turtles newly hatched a twin animals that are not completely separate. That said, these animals can still eat normal food and move with.

Hatched at the San Antonio Zoo last month, the rare animals became popular, especially in the social network Facebook. With the two heads in one body and shell, the animal named officer by the name of Thelma and Louise.

Zoo spokesman said, the animal can eat and swim normally. Until now officials also have yet to find the reptile health problems.

A Facebook page on Sunday showed a reptile photographs which hatched on June 18, 2013. The animals on display at the zoo aquarium Richard Friedrich.

Craig Pelke, reptile zoo officials say that animal bicephalic (two-headed) is a result of the twins are not separated. "At this time, Thelma and Louise did well at the show and eat with two heads," said Pelke.