Facebook Stickers Can Be Used in PC

KOMPAS - Sticker on the instant messaging feature Facebook is now not only can be used by mobile devices, such as iPhone and Android only. Facebook users expand the use of stickers by personal computer (personal computer / PC).

Once the user selects a friend who wanted to talk to, and then click the smiley face image. There is available a lot of stickers with a variety of expressions. If you want to see other sticker option, the user can click the image button in the upper right trolley to go to the Sticker Store.

One of the latest sticker collection is on Facebook instant messaging, is a character from the movie Despicable Me 2.

For local nuances stickers, sticker albums Wayang Facebook provides Unyu which contains 40 illustrations puppet Petruk, Gareng, Bagong, Semar, and Heroine.

Facebook started to equip sticker features in instant messaging services in April 2013. This is the way that the conversation on Facebook Messenger is more expressive as other instant messaging services.