WWDC Apple: 5 Big Change iOS 7 Design

Detik.com - Jonathan Ive and his team have done a massive overhaul of the iOS. As a result, the iPhone and the iPad display is no longer monotonous and rigid since iOS 7 is launched.

"IOS 7 is a big change since iOS was introduced for the iPhone. This is a package deal with the many new features for a stunning and user interface," said Apple CEO Tim Cook, in the event the World Wide Developers Conference 2013.

Not just a claim, on stage Tim Cook is his word about what are the changes offered by Apple.

What are the changes in the design of the iOS 7? Here detikINET rangkumkan from various sources, on Tuesday (11/06/2013).

1.Slide to Unlock

Since Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone for the first time, there is one thing that never changes from iOS - formerly called iPhone OS - namely the 'slide to unlock'

Yes, when opening the iPhone from the locked position with his trademark sound never changes, always from left to right. In iOS 7, by the look of the status quo Ive team was dismantled.

The result, how to unlock this phone so much new and fresh by way of slides from the bottom up. Plus, additional wallpapers that make it look very elegant.

2. Notifications

Of the two versions, Apple introduced a notification center that can be drawn from top to bottom. In iOS 7, it is not removed, even plus function.

New look notification now allows users to adjust the brightness, adjust the position of airplan mode, or Wifi.

But unique, this look can be pulled from the ground up with a transparent shape that makes iOS 7 so getting so interesting.

3. Icons and Sidebar

Frontal changes made in iOS 7 is bertranformasinya number of icons such as Photo, Video, Camera, and App Store into something more fresh.

The backround as transparent memperlihat how simple and beautiful impression in the center offered the mobile operating system.

Another change that is not less interesting is the bottom of the sidebar is no longer seen sitting and replaced with native applications that are changed in such a way.

4. Multitasking

Changes also affect the design of multitasking in iOS 7 which makes it can save battery.

Now, users can move the application to another application from the edge, without having to move through the home button.

Multitasking in iOS7 also more intelligent because it can learn the applications that are opened until not.

Additionally folder filled many applications can directly dri-swipe the inside of the folder, so they can save a little time.

5. Weather and Calendar

Calendar view also touched a significant change. Now, users can see and make the agenda without losing time.

Not only useful, look at weather applications even more beautiful especially with the basic look of invisibility.

Realtime effects such as snow fall also will add a festive application of this calendar.