Wear subjected Shinhwa Hyesung Live Sold Out

Kapanlagi.com - recently in a show that aired on tvN Taxi on June 4, Shinhwa was invited as a special guest star.

In the event Shin Hyesung reveals what happened when filming SNL Korea. In a program that presents the adult jokes, Hyesung act by dressing as a woman.

  "For me, Korean SNL as a challenge. I've never acted before, so Eric, Kim Dong Wan, Shin Dong Yup and helped me a lot," he said.

Acting Hyesung invites praise. But there are interesting facts behind Hyesung performing at SNL Korea. After his performance, the same woman with a dress that she wore sold out.

"I led the woman's dress sold out. Know I do not have to act like nothing about this," he said.