Stay at the Hotel, Justin Bieber Have Contraceptives - Recently unpleasant news back on the world pop star, Justin Bieber. This time the 20-year-old singer has reportedly asked for contraceptives and jelly beams.

The request was filed when Bieber stopped in a super luxury hotel in the city of New York, United States. As reported by Life & Style, Bieber reportedly has asked contraceptives while staying at the hotel.

A source who claims to say that to ask for the goods, Bieber had to walk alone to the front desk. According to this source anymore, so Bieber's cover-up demand.

"Bieber asked with a very intimate and carefully," the source said. One of the other sources also confirmed the incident. According to the second source. "He (Justin Bieber) always ask for it, contraceptives and ... jelly beans."