Plants, Living Creatures Mathematician

( WASHINGTON - Scientists say that the plant has a natural ability, which allows them to have enough food when the night (without sunlight).

Reported by Reuters on Sunday (06/23/2013), a British scientist, John Innes Centre revealed that plants can adjust their starch consumption levels to prevent hunger in the evening. New research published in the journal eLife.

To keep the starch consumption, plants perform complex arithmetic calculations to ensure that they have enough food. As is known, the process of photosynthesis involves the sunlight which is the time at which the plant is able to produce their own food.

Scientists do not just mention that plants are living things are good with numbers, but the plant can also be overcome when the night comes early.

"This is the first concrete example of the fundamental biological processes such as arithmetic calculations sophisticated," said the maker of mathematical models, Martin Howard from the John Innes Centre (JIC).

When night falls, the mechanism in leaf starch measure the size and estimate the length of time until dawn. Information about the time it comes from the internal clock, similar to the human body clock.

"The capacity to perform arithmetic calculations is essential for plant growth and productivity," said biologist Alison Smith dar JIC. According to him, understanding how plants grow in the dark could help open up new ways to increase crop yields.