Name Origin of Google and Other Unique Facts - There are many stories and interesting media coverage surrounding Google. However it turns out, there are unique facts unknown to many people about the company. The facts appear in a question and answer site Quora. Here are some interesting facts unique.
Google the name was born because of an "accident". Google history begins from a project done by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1996. At that time, two graduate students at Stanford University is collaborating to develop a search engine called Backrub, which is operated using the server at their campus.
In 1997, Larry and Sergey backrub rename a Googol. "Googol" is the mathematical term for a 1 followed by 100 zeros. The name is taken to explain Google's mission as a repository of unlimited information on the Internet.
However, investors apparently misspelling of Googol name into Google, and already wrote the check. It made Brin and Page finally "stuck" using Google's name for their search engine.
Google is one company that aggressively acquiring digital startup potential. Among other things, YouTube, Android, Motorola Mobility, Pyra Labs which develops Blogger, as well as Keyhole Inc. which gave birth to the service Google Maps and Google Earth.
Up to now, already there are hundreds of startup (the company longer) which was acquired by Google. Since 2010, on average, then Google has acquired more than one company every week.
Google's home page appears clean since the first operation because the first two founders are not mastering HTML. Page and Brin also want a search engine with a compact interface. Therefore, through a Google search made simple. Users simply press the Enter key after entering a search keyword.
Until now, the clean look of the Google homepage, just display the logo and search box, will be retained.
There are still other interesting facts. Google search index has a giant size, which is more than 100 million gigabytes. In other words, it took more than 100,000 personal-sized hard disk 1 terabyte to store the search index.
To display information on Street View application that is part of Google Maps, if total, then Google has photographed throughout the 5 million miles or 8,046 million km.
In 2012, Google has found over 30 trillion unique URLs on the web. Just compare the number of unique URLs in 2008, which only amounted to 1 trillion!
One more unique facts about Google. The company is known as a digital company the largest and most important in the world. However it turns out, there is still an error code on the front page of Google. If you do not believe, please check this link.