Michael Jackson's Style: How The Music Icon Continues To Set Trends (PHOTOS)

Huffingtonpost.com - To say that Michael Jackson is a musical legend would be an understatement. During his career, he released one of the best-selling albums of all time, won 13 Grammys and earned upwards of $500 million (and that's just the short list).

But on the four-year anniversary of his death today, we are taking a moment to remember Michael Jackson's iconic style. While we were looking through old photographs of the late entertainer, we couldn't help but notice how on-trend he was and how many of the pieces he wore years ago are still very much in fashion today. So we rounded up eight runway photos of the latest trends, and then found images of MJ wearing strikingly similar pieces. This just goes to show you that Michael Jackson was not only the "King of Pop," but he was also a sultan of style.

Leather pants

Mickey Mouse shirts

Military jackets 

Power clashing


Varsity jackets

Bold stripes

Brightly-colored blazers