BlackBerry A10 Launched November

( OTTAWA - Canadian technology company, BlackBerry, plans to bring its flagship smartphone, called the BlackBerry A10 on Christmas holidays. Reportedly, BlackBerry preparing the presence of Z10's successor in November 2013.

Reporting from PocketLint, Thursday (06/06/2013), based on the information circulated, a smartphone that uses the touch screen as a whole will also be carrying the BlackBerry 10 operating system such as the Z10 and Q10.

BlackBerry device itself expects that previously had a code name of this Aristo, can compete in the market as well as the latest generation iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S4. The presence of the device at different levels is clearly shown that the BlackBerry targeting consumers at various levels.

One of the major carriers in the U.S., and even has plans to bring the new flagship smartphone from BlackBerry is in November. Unfortunately, until now there is no detailed information both specifications and models of A10.

Little information, BlackBerry was first announced plans to release approximately 6 types besutannya smartphone that uses the operating system BlackBerry 10, in January 2013. The company also plans to launch six smartphones such besutannya on various carriers around the world this year.