1036 Ganymed, Asteroid Most Major in the Universe

Okezone.com - The U.S. space agency, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has conducted surveillance on foreign objects in space. One interesting finding is that the asteroid which is claimed to be the greatest and is the closest distance to the Earth.

Wikipedia explains, 1036 Ganymed, is the code name of an asteroid that has a diameter of 34 kilometers. The giant asteroid ever discovered by Walter Baade on October 23, 1924.

Reportedly, the rate jumbo orbit the space rock has been known and likely be close to the Earth on October 13, 2024.

The asteroid will approach Mars at its closest distance at December 16, 2176. Ganymed is the naming of pronunciation in German, Ganymede.

This became the target asteroid observations in the history. Ganymede is an S-type asteroid, which means that the object is reflective and composed of iron silicate sertamagnesium. Measurements showed the surface of the asteroid is rich orthopyroxenes and may contain metal.

In 1998, the Ganymede radar observations by the Arecibo radio telescope to produce images of asteroids with reasonably clear. The image shows a spherical object.

These asteroids also have orbits an average speed of 16.86 kilometers per second and a rotation period of 10.31 hours.