Instagram: 90 Million Users, 40 Million Daily Photo - photo sharing service Instagram announced officially on the number of users and all things related to their service, Thursday (17/01/2013). Until now Instagram users has reached 90 million active users with 40 million photo published every day.
Founder and CEO Kevin Systrom says Instagram, services continue to show very strong growth worldwide.
According to him, the service Instagram stormed by 8500 likes and 1,000 comments per second per second of application on iOS and Android devices, and services on the web site.
Instagram founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010. Their application was first released on October 6, 2010 for iOS devices. Instagram is available on Android later on April 3, 2012.
Not to make money
Instagram is cool, but the service has not been able to make money. Applications can be downloaded for free and they also have not been open ad space. As a result, Instagram was losing 2.7 million dollars per year, or approximately USD 25.7 billion.
With the ever-increasing number of users, Instagram should increase the capacity of the server. Not to mention there are a dozen employees who must be paid. Previously, they relied heavily on funds from investors venturan and individuals.
Acquired Facebook
Until 9 April 2012, Instagram acquired by social networking company Facebook, worth U.S. $ 1 billion (more than U.S. $ 9 trillion) in cash and stock. It is the largest acquisition ever undertaken Facebook.
According to news circulating, Twitter, Instagram already had bid worth 525 million U.S. dollars. Hearing the news, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg quickly contacted Systrom for price negotiation. Facebook purchase agreement on Instagram reportedly only took 2 days 48 hours alias.
Instagram acquisition transactions completed in September 2012 valued at 715 million U.S. dollars. That number fell as stocks plunge Facebook on the Nasdaq, New York, United States.
Having already bought Instagram, Facebook will expect financial gain. They racked his brain to open up ad space in the service Instagram, by displaying another user's profile picture and information about who they follow. This technique is similar to the ads sponsored stories on Facebook.