The Skype Fun at iPhone 5

CALIFORNIA  - Apple is launching a new series of design changes for iPhone (iPhone  5) that carries a 4-inch wide screen.  Services and applications of  Internet-based phone calls, Skype also launched reforms that could take advantage of  the larger screen size of  the Apple's  latest phone.

Reporting from Neowin, Thursday (15/11/2012), Microsoft's service that has just launched a renewal through iTunes. In the Skype Garage blog post, the company said, "We see user tweets, comments and reviews on the App Store asking adjustment screen iPhone 5 and we discuss it. Today, we have released a new Skype for iPhone repair," wrote Product Marketing Manager Skype Jonathan Watson.

"Now, you can enjoy telephone calls with Skype on the iPhone 5 screen size that fits," he continued.

Updates 4.1.2 also comes with bug fixes for iOS from Skype. In the meantime, the current Skype division at Microsoft is also busy with presenting "preview version" for smartphone Windows Phone 8.

Microsoft also confirmed last week that Skype will replace Windows Live Messenger service time, the transition will be completed in the first quarter of 2013.