Scientists Predict Potential Life on Other Planets

LONDON - Scientists predict the existence of life on many planets. They believe that the earth is not the only habitable planet in the universe.

Reported by the Telegraph, Wednesday (12/09/2012), scientists are designing new models to test whether the planet can support life through a search for evidence of water underground. Rather than search for water on the surface, the scientists chose to use the new tools in order to identify whether there may be water which remains exposed to hot melt despite the earth's core.

Development of this study indicate more planets are found, the higher the probability of finding life on the planet.

Research conducted by the British Science Festival in Aberdeen is challenging the theory of "Goldilocks". The theory that the planet must be within specified from the sun to support life, before the water freezes or evaporates.

"This idea of ​​the various distances from the star, where the surface of a planet that resembles earth is not too hot or too cold for water to be liquid," said Sean McMahon researchers from Aberdeen University. He said, most people say that if the planet is in the Goldilocks zone, then the planet has water on the surface and could be a habitable planet.

This new research could be an important breakthrough in the building for signs of life. Planet able to create their own heat than the heat received from the sun.