Yu Wenxia Miss World 2012 Winner

Miss World 2012 crown finally succeeded representatives of People's Republic of China to be a winner. Wenxia Yu defeated representatives from Wales and Autralia.

Miss World 2012 final night finally arrived. A total of 116 finalists from around the world participated fight over the crown of Miss World 2012.

Held a festive ceremony in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China, was opened with a video aired at the opening of Miss World, as well as footage of the contestants during the quarantine activities.

Furthermore, the finalists were introduced one by one to all the spectators in attendance at the event. Rumble support from each of the finalists were each bersahut-replication when the contestant's name was called.

The event lasted approximately two hours is so densely packed with a spectacular event. The finalists were so happy a smile when live events for the occasion.

Before the top 15 finalists were announced, the host also announced the winners in each round of fast track. For the category of Top Model finalist won the South Sudan. Meanwhile, the representative of Australia has won the category Beach Fashion, Sport & Fitness achieved by the representative of Sweden, and the Performing Talent given to representatives of the People's Republic of China. While for the winner of Beauty with a Purpose achieved by the representative of India. The winners are automatically entered in the ranks of the top 15 along with other finalists, including Miss Ines, Miss Indonesia 2012.

To get to the winner of Miss World, a total of 15 finalists had to compete again to get the best of seven finalists chosen by a jury. This choice of finalists, among other representatives of Jamaica, South Sudan, India, Australia, Brazil, People's Republic of China, and Wales.

The seven finalists who has this beautiful face was pitted their skills in their personal presentation, including the objectives to be performed when a Miss World. Once completed, they do not have to wait long to find out finalists were selected in the top three ranks of Miss World. Finalists from the People's Republic of China finally succeeded in becoming the winner, followed by representatives from Australia and Wales.

Yu Wenxia victory had been predicted from the start because of the outstanding achievements during the quarantine Miss World. Performing Talent addition to being a winner, a beautiful woman is a finalist for the Top Model competition, and Beach Fashion.

This certainly gives victory Wenxia double happiness for the people of China. The reason, China is also a venue this year's Miss World.

But when looking back, this is actually not the first time China to host this prestigious event. In 2007, the country also had the Bamboo Curtain menghelat Miss World competition held for the 57th time. At that time, Zhang Zilin, a representative of the PRC won the title as Miss World 2007.

Zilin ahead of 105 other contestants to win a competition. Continental Queens of Beauty titles, Top Model Winner and Runner Up II Beach Beauty (now known as the Beach Fashion) successfully achieved.