This type of communication Mice with Singing Method

AUSTIN - Rat type Scotinomys Teguina touted as the singing mice (mice that can sing). Their feathers yellowish brown, they are from the mountainous forests of Costa Rica tropisdi.

Mice of this type can squeak and distinctive sound to be able to communicate with each other. Researchers from Texas University in Austin, Steven Phelps has observed these rodents to gain insight related genes that contribute to the unique singing behavior.

This information could help scientists understand and identify genes. "We can choose a number of properties (rat) for observation. We try and select the properties that are also associated with several of biomedical relevance. We take advantage of the unique nature of this species, "said Phelps, as reported by ScienceDaily, Monday (08/20/2012).

Researchers said the squeak of a mouse is typically issued by a rapid high-pitched string, called trills. Trills are used mainly by male rats in a display of dominance and attract females.

To 20 issued by the screech of these mice in a second bird-like squeaks, but in contrast to birds, mice are generally a sound with a single tone.

"The sound of this soft mouse to the human ear, but when you slow down the sound of these mice to approximately three-fold (from the normal voice), they sound pretty dramatic," he explained.

Researchers said the rodents generally make vocalizations in frequency is too high to be heard by human ears. But the other mice, such as Scotinomys Teguina is able to sing to communicate in the wild.