Facebook Redesign Display Photos

CALIFORNIA - Facebook back to redesign to view the photos. This time the company from the United States is made ​​neat image on your Timeline.

Social network has 955 million active users each month will feature a slick image appearance. As a side note this feature will pin a name tag with parentheses (facebook.com / name / photos). Thus the link will refer to the page marked photos. As reported by CNET, Tuesday (07/31/2012).

"This feature will slide in the coming months." Facebook spokesman said.

With this feature the latest photos, photos that you upload as storytelling. Then through this new design, you can see the bigger picture when you click Photos on the Timeline.

Not only that, this menu allows you to find the images you mark (tag), images that you want to share (share), and the album that you create.

Just to get up regularly update them to display photos on its website. This was done because the data to see that every day more than 300 million photos are uploaded to social networking sites.